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About me

As long as I can remember

I am searching and learn more and more

about the many aspects of our beingness



About three decades ago I started my quest

that was leading to my deeper and deeper understanding

of the whole and my purpose in life



The path of my life was full of challenges

and the recurrent theme is change


Sudden and unexpected change to be precise

so I became an experienced master of the art of change

and how to create the apparently impossible



I have learned that there always is one more option

not to accept "No" as an answer and

to find the best possible solution



This solution often is very different

from what our linear mind can imagine

our ego fantasizes about or

our negative ego worries about



Each life has a script, a purpose, a goal

there is obstacles, new beginnings and  success



Obstacles serve us to pause

become aware of something and adjust our course

This can lead to new beginnings

that lead to success and fulfillment



My path has led me to many places

activities and occupations

With a broad foundation of knowledge and skills.



Why I do what I do


I am a traveler through this place

in time and space

sharing of my knowledge, skills and wisdom



I am here to remind you of who you really are

and how to take good care of yourself



I am here to inspire you to open unto your true self

to find true guidance and fulfillment



I am here to help you heal

your wounded heart and psyche



I am here to aid you in restoring

your wellbeing and the health of your physical form



I am here to remind you that your body

not only is the temple of your soul

It is the vessel that makes possible this life of yours



I am here to show you many simple ways and means

to purify and heal your body and mind

to make sure you are or become

healthy, happy and fulfilled



I am here to soothe your busy mind and bring it back

to its true purpose which is serving you

and no longer directing you



I am here to teach you the art of communication, listening

and conscious awareness



I am here to reconnect you with your FLOW

in order to let go and surrender

unto your life stream



I am the catalyst and I hold space

for your magical journey of deep and lasting change


Aspects of my work


QuantumLeap Facilitator

Unfold your True Potential and find fulfillment
Anything is possible in alignment
with your Life Purpose


Catalyst for Successful Change

Leading you to your Highest Potential
Guiding you how to make best use of it


MultiDimensional QuantumHealer

Healing your body, mind and spirit
Finding balance in any aspect of your life



I guide through uncharted territories
piloting you through this time and phase
of unprecedented evolutionary change
on a personal and planetary level



 You can reach me via email

send E-Mail

or Telegram






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