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Your Journey to

Freedom - Joy - Fulfillment

Transformation and Healing are crucial aspects of life

Step into your God-given Potential and
become, what you are created to be

Get out of the many boxes confining you



You felt different and out of place most of your life

You are the round peg in a square hole
the black sheep - the misfit

You are allergic to labels and boxes

You feel a sense of purpose and mission

You know there is much more to life


You are open minded - open hearted - curious and creative

You are willing to learn and unlearn

You have a deep sense of freedom
sovereignty and justice

You cannot be bought or compromised

You are a natural bullshit detector


You are longing for

- True Inner Guidance

- Connection with Soul and Source

- Sovereignty and Living your Truth


You are ready to

- get out of the many boxes confining you

- recognize unexpected opportunities

- perceive the larger picture and allow for change


You know the time is NOW - take action



Anna Leverents is a Catalyst for Successful Change
piloting you through uncharted territories
at this time of unprecedented change

Anna is a QuantumLeap Facilitator
directing you to your God-given Potential

The result of Anna's work is more
Freedom, Joy and Fulfillment
leading to Sovereignty and Living your Truth

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Anna is available for

1:1 Mentoring | Webinars | Master-Classes

Group Mentoring | Podcasts | Online Speaking



Anna's signature topics are

- Transformation and Healing

- Need a boost or breakthrough

- Get out of the many boxes confining you

- Step into your God-given Potential

- Removing Energetic Interference

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