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Transformation and Healing


We long for healing and
we want things and situations to be different

We forgot that we ourselves are
the missing link in this equation

We are creators and co-creators

We need to take responsibility

We need to take action


Life is not something that happens to us

Life is not an event

Life is a creative expression
on many levels simultaneously

We can handle this

We are multidimensional beings and creators
having an experience in human form



For healing to take place
all needs to be cleared that
caused the dis-ease in the first place


The word 'heal' is related to the word 'whole'

In order to heal we need to become whole again


Deep healing requires changes on levels
we never have thought of


Deep and lasting healing
is a highly transformative process
on many levels simultaneously



The most important and amazing tool for
change of any kind is intention

Intention is a command

It is a command to the non-physical
to bring up ALL that gets in the way
and would prevent to manifest the desired outcome

Intention allows for clearing the slates
to make possible a fresh start


When you have started your healing journey
there can be what is known as a healing crisis


The word 'crisis' originates from a Greek verb meaning:
distinguish - choose - decide

So any kind of crisis is to be welcomed and
used as a turning point and
stepping stone onto a new path



Things get worse before they get better


The so called crisis is part of the transformation

What is transformation?

The Latin word 'transformare' means:
  reshape - redesign - transfigure - alter


Part of transformation is a deep and
thorough cleanse on many levels


You can think of it as a deep spring-clean of
your entire house - body - life


In the middle of your spring-clean
your house can look like a complete mess,
things are much worse than in the beginning



The transformational process leaves
no stone unturned and all the skeletons
in your closets are revealed

All you have been covering and hiding will come up
to be acknowledged, forgiven, released and integrated

It is about balancing the Light and the Dark within,
as depicted in the Yin Yang symbol

It is about getting out of duality and walk the middle path


All the trauma in your ancestral lineages
and through out your souls journey are up to be healed too

There is a pent up need not only heal our personal lives

All the ancestral wounds and traumas
that are handed down the line
passed on like a hot potato
need to be cleared and healed for good



There is many beautiful methods for
deep healing and transformation, two of which are
 'Family Constellations' and the 'Emotion Code'

It has been found that the healing taking place
during the session of a client, not only changes this clients life

The change also effects the lives of relatives or
other people, who were part of the dis-ease of the client


In group sessions of this kind of work clairvoyants noticed,
ancestors being present during the session and celebrating the changes

Yes, we can change the past

We do so in healing the trauma that originated in a past life experience

There is no linear time

So called past or future lives take place simultaneously


In group sessions it has also been perceived that
so called future ancestors were present

They celebrated that they no longer are effected
by the trauma traveling through the ancestral lines.
They too now can have a very different life experience



When and Why does the Healing not work?


Any illness - sickness - dis-ease
has many aspects
It is a collection of symptoms aka labels

When you are familiar with the work of
Louise Hay, Inna Segal and others
look at the symptoms as a message

You bring into balance and heal
the mental, emotional and spiritual cause
of the imbalance

You are not sick - you are tox-$ick.
Remove the toxins from your body and
your body will self heal

Your body does not know how to work against you


The root cause of any dis-ease
not being at ease
is not living your truth

The truth will set your free
but first it will piss you off

Be gentle with yourself
you are healing from deep
generational and soul trauma

Forgive yourself absolute


There are many aspects in our lives
where most people don't stand in their truth
and live a lie.



The human body is surrounded by an energy field

Depending on which vibration we are in
our energy field contracts or expands

In a high vibrating state of being
our energy reaches far out

What do you think is the frequency
our field is reaching out the farthest
and broadcasting the strongest

Is it love?
No, it is authenticity

Being authentic
standing in your truth
not only empowers you

That is where you have the most impact
on your own life and in this world



When it comes to energy healing
there are many miraculous healings that
are considered the Grace of God

What about a healing not taking place?
Is this God's punishment?

No, often times the healing is not given
because there is a lesson to be learned

Or the dis-ease is experienced
because this person lives a lie

When they learn to be true unto themselves
and live their truth
not only healing miracles will happen

Their life will change miraculously
leading to freedom, joy and fulfillment



Traditional Chinese Medicine and
Homeopathy do not know the concept of disease

They only look at dis-eased humans
who fell out of their natural balance



There is no disaster that can't turn into a blessing
There is no blessing that can't turn into a disaster



Be aware that your
healing journey and process
DOES have
tremendous impact


Your inner work is a highly valued and necessary part
of the overall transformation taking place
at this unique point in history on planet Earth


You are important

You are here for many reasons

The world needs you NOW



Start your journey of
Transformation and Healing NOW



I am the catalyst and I hold space

for your magical journey of deep and lasting change


Aspects of my work


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Anything is possible in alignment
with your Life Purpose


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Guiding you how to make best use of it


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