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QuantumWay of Being

Step into your Power and Uniqueness
Bring your purpose into being

The world needs you NOW



You felt different and out of place most of your life

You are the round peg in a square hole
the black sheep - the misfit

You know there is so much more to life

You feel a sense of purpose and mission
even though you are not consciously aware of it

You could be called a 'Star Seed'
but you are allergic to labels and boxes


You are open minded, open hearted, curious and creative,
willing to learn and unlearn

You have a deep sense of freedom, sovereignty and justice

You cannot be bought or compromised

You are a natural bullshit detector

You are a hands on teacher and coach

You are a natural leader and 5D entrepreneur


You are longing for

True Inner Guidance

Connection with soul and source
but are not necessarily aware of it

Ways and means to bring your purpose into being



You are ready

to serve your higher purpose and larger goal

to take the necessary steps to achieve your goal

to create miracles and make possible the impossible

and you know the time is NOW




AnnA Leverents is a QuantumLeap Facilitator,
a Catalyst for Successful Change
guiding people to their Highest Potential

This makes possible the impossible and
can create miracles

She is a Multi Dimensional Quantum Healer
for any aspect of your life

 The Result of her work is
more freedom, joy and fulfillment
leading to sovereignty and living your truth


Freedom as a state of being is achieved within
With freedom comes joy
In a state of joy we attract what fulfills us


She is a guide through uncharted territories
between realities and dimensions
piloting you through this time and phase
of unprecedented evolutionary change
on a personal and planetary level

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What clients say about AnnA

AnnA has the gift of seeing through surface distractions, finding the root cause of problems.

She holds a supportive space and manages to connect seemingly disparate situations and make sense of it all.

She is a light weaver and architect for
transforming your old patterns and beliefs.

AnnA is not afraid to challenge participants
when she perceives old programming and conditioning presenting itself for observation and clearing.

AnnA comes with my highest recommendation
in this field of exploration.  

AnnA is the right person to help you move through
difficult periods of your life, where blockages,
looping and high emotions can be overwhelming.

If you’ve come across her, know that you have been
guided to her.
I wish you the best of luck on your journey with her.

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Are you ready to
step into your QuantumWay of Being

When you enter the Flow
synchronicities abound and
QuantumMagic happens



Flow       Successful Change



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